2019 is the year I decided I would take up Photography for real……well more of a passionate hobby then.

I have been taking Photos all my life just like every happy snapper out there. I Started with film cameras but I never truly understood Photography and all its creative facets. ISO that was the film you bought usually 64 100 200 400, Exposure well as long as I kept the needle in the middle the photos came out. Aperture same. Automatic mode mainly

Didn’t understand Depth of field. Exposure compensation what lenses did what. Fstops !

I thought I took good photos composition wise. I never really went into it. Life gets in the way. Then along comes Digital! How much more complicated is it now? Well apparently all the principals are all the same. Except there is more stuff to learn !

So I decided to put this site together and to share my journey of learning.

Learning that Photography is also fairly expensive! You need a camera (full frame, Crop sensor I went crop sensor ) and lenses and a computer and software if you really want to get into it!

You end up spending hours of your time Researching all sorts of things that you didn’t even realize existed when you are a newby

Learning Light room and Photoshop and assembling this very site is also part of this.

So join me if you like follow my progress. Check out my Photos there all my doing.